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Isn't that what the internet is all about- being connected? Your single computer linked up to the whole world, hundreds of millions of other people. Everything you do on the web seems to be about communication. Everything you create and upload is because of a wish for others to see and appreciate- if this wasn't the case, why would you put it online?
Members of this site are well known for craving page views and comments. OI think I am not the only one here who draws pictures while imagining the response it will get when submitted. This could sometimes even be the greatest motivator behind hours of work- "people might not like it unless I perfect this last detail..." - I wonder if what drives internet addiction is actually a form of loneliness, a desire to be acknowledged, appreciated, liked? Some make online friends that they may even talk to more than friends in real life, connected constantly by instant messaging programs. People post journals confiding their deepest feelings to the world wide web, when they feel unsafe to say such things to their own parents or loved ones. Many profiles I've seen describe the user as shy, quiet, introverted - maybe they have a need to be with others, talk with people they feel they have something in common with, a need far easier to satisfy online while hidden behind the safe anonymity of the web.
Have you ever found yourself in an idle moment going back to the computer check messages again and again, comments, favourites, watches, likes, reblogs, anything? Instead of being on the internet to share art or music or videos, I wonder if they such people just want someone to talk to them, to like them. Most have friends they could talk to in the dial of a phone number- but why are they so fascinated, so fixated by this online world? Does that unknown person behind that computer screen all those miles of optic fibre away have a certain glamour to them? After all, they could be absolutely anyone. Is it the thrill of feeling you have something in common with someone you have never met? Maybe it's the ability to put something out there that potentially huge numbers of people could see. Is there such a powerful desire to become 'popular' online, even to be almost worshipped by thousands of followers, because one feels mediocre and underappreciated in real life?
I have gotten to wondering whether anything can be done for its own sake, instead of so it can affect, be used, or appreciated by others, which is not merely to satiate the various strange urges of the human body.
Maybe this question is self-contradictory.
More rambling musings, I'm afraid.
I admit I uploaded and wrote this with many hopes of people reading and thinking about it. It is a weakness of the human mind- us poor social animals. Or is it a strength?
Welcome comment and debate, as always.
I hope I don't offend anyone, and I can also probably be proved wrong on several accounts, making inexcusable generalisations, forgetting about any number of subdivisions and niches and so on. This is just a compilation some thoughts of mine while I lay awake last night, listening to the hum of my laptop (which I had shamefully forgotten to switch off)
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XxstrawberrycakexX Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I tend to think of the internet as a new tool for the human race. A new way of interaction without the fear of being hated and that's just it! we hate being disliked (in a nutshell) and tend to use any type of shield to protect us from that unfair judgement. just like the comic I read from Kevin Bolk where he announces that he lies about being a chubby male but truly being a beautiful woman with a steriotypical 32 inch chest, then he recieved 100,000 pageviews. The point is that if you have a computer with internet access, fear of meeting people, or a natural internet connection you can be anyone you want to be! I could pose as a famous celebrity just to get appraisal but the problem with that is one of two things. One is that you halfto keep it up and two, no matter how hard you try to deny it, the comments are not for you. but until people relise that and that they have a fear of lonelyness they will forever continue to act as such.
Kerixai Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2012
You speak the truth! But what do you think of the people on the internet who wish and devote much time in trying to get appraisal for who they actually are?
XxstrawberrycakexX Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I concider those people to fall into two categories. One is the placement of attention seekers (or attention whores as others call it) and others are entertainers. For the attention seekers they tend to do whatever it takes to get appraisal through their own means such as if I were to want attention I would find a group that has the same interests as me and show one of my talents for the complements and keep up with something new on a sceduled basis. you can often find these people on social networking sights such as twitter; posting everything and anything that they do to get approval on (this is also called twitter diarrea). With entertainers they have a more professional or hobby like attitude to what they do but still enjoy it. They often want to share their interests to the general public. Just li on youtube if i were to post a video on music I like or made i will do it because I like it and to simply put it "Because I can" Entertainers can be anybody; artists, musicians, comedians, ect. they just share their views and talents with their own community or in this case the site of their choosing; they tend to not look for a specific group of people but often at times a specific group will find them depending on what the entertainer posted (that is why we are told to watch what we post because we all know that not every group is a good one).
Kerixai Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2012
That is a really interesting way of seeing it actually, thank you for sharing your viewpoint! :hug: what would you categorize yourself as/why are you personally on a website like dA?
XxstrawberrycakexX Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I categorise myself as an entertaining artist. I personally joined Deviantart after a friend recommend me to it. Just to try and get my art career off the ground. I havent posted anything to the site in years but never quit drawing, after I came across a woman who asked me if I still drawed I showed her some recent pictures that expanded into many different forms, such as cartooning, realism, micro realism, watercolors, oil pastel and colored pencil, as well as oil paints. After talking to her she replied to me asking if she could post my pieces in an art gallery she hosts in Everett, Washington. I accepted and now post art in 4 main galleries and commissions for anyone around town who sees me drawing out in the street.
tsukia-KARI Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2011  Student Digital Artist
NNNNNNNGHHHH I love your ramblings <3 intriguing food for thought.
I admit, the third paragraph applies to me a lot. It's an obsession I can't explain. Damn me and my social anxiety. :c
this will be relevant to your interests: [link] sorry for linking ya
Kerixai Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2011
Thankyou x3 I've been thinking alot about this, and still am not clear why. Why is the need to be liked by people that you've never met so strong? and such a timewaster it is, too D: I really should be doing something productive right now buttt ><
Ah yes, TV tropes. great page, thanks :hug:
HippieLlama Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I feel a ramble coming on...

Good points, all. I like these deep, thoughtful thoughts of yours.:lol:
And I think I agree. What I think is really tragic about the internet is that there are all these people out in the world who feel so tragically alone in the real world that they use internet and social media and social networking as a way to make up for what they're missing in real life. But in the process, we kind of lose more and more of our ability to interact in the real world; we become withdrawn into a virtual alternate reality, that has all the same advantages, disadvantages, and intrigues of the real world but without any of the physical contact or connection that makes the real world unique.
Of course, I love the internet. It's benefited me in terms of my confidence (three years ago before dA, I NEVER let ANYONE see my artwork. Ever. I was way to embarrassed of it), my art, my ability to keep in touch with people who live far away, and it's introduced me to many people who I've never met but considered very very close friends.
The tradeoff? I spend long hours on the computer--probably at least 3 every day-- both online and offline (writing, mostly). Is that too much time? Yes. Does it affect me negatively? Probably, mostly in physical and time-management ways. Does it mess with my priorities? Definitely. Judgement? Yes. But do I want to stop using the internet? No no no no no no no no.:la:

Maybe there's something to the thrill of total anonymity? A certain allure to the idea that the person on the other end of the fiber optic cables of internet communication could be anyone, but then again, you could be anyone too? And even if you're completely honest about who you are online, there's the chance that while in reality you could never find people just like you wherever you happen to be, the internet is limitless. There's always someone who thinks like you, right? Someone somewhere.
I think, in a sense, that you're right-- there's something unendingly wonderful and tragic about how people post and write and draw and blog for the world to see i hopes that they'll make it big. It's like having a second shot, in case making it in the real world-- where you can see and hear and feel the competition-- never really quite comes to be.
Kerixai Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2011
I'm so glad I have someone like you to talk to for when I have these long thoughts :love:
Yes, a phrase I heard once was all these people sitting by themselvse in their rooms talking on the internet are "alone, together". It's not quite alone, but it's not the same as being with real people either, and in a way it might be worse because of the illusion of company, the person has even less motivation to go out and break through the barriers they put up around themselves.
yes, the internet is extremely beneficial if you use it properly- access to information has never been easier. Research must have been a huge pain without internet, having to search through piles and piles of books to get the answer to a simple question.
I was also embarrassed of showing it to people, but finding a site like dA where everyone did it, it was somehow easier to just put it out there x3 ah, I think I'm guilty of spending even longer than that on the computer >_> totally messed up my priorities, judgement of time (an hour goes by in the blink of an eye) and also my self-control. I am ashamed I have let the computer take control of me, in a way. I'm still trying and failing to reduce this amount of time- there's just so much you can do. I haven't been reading nearly as much as I used to :noes: it's amazing how much I start to read whenever I go on holiday and don't bring my computer with me xD yes, I don't think I'll ever be able to live without internet, but hopefully it will be at a lesser level...
That is true. The shame is that if you do, it is unlikely you'll be able to meet them in real life. The friendships are not entirely natural- I did once meet someone I knew mostly on the internet, and it was a bit strange and very different to talking to them online, and I do wonder if we would ever have become friends if we were, say, in the same school.
The instinctual desire for recognition can make or break. More often than not it fails- but it is like buying lottery tickets- the prize is unimaginable and the price, although at first deceptively small, can over the days and weeks and months end up mounting to far more than it should.
HippieLlama Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Sorry this is so late. Got lost in my inbox.:blush:

"Alone, together" is the phrase I was looking for. It's the way that everyone can be talking to each other and sharing thoughts with maybe thousands of people at once, and yet... they're kind of totally alone.
It's like when people text each other while they're in the same room. Sometimes they could be sitting right next to each other in a casual setting, and will still be texting each other. I mean... ???? I don't understand that one.

I remember having to do a research project when I was much younger-- probably only 9? 10?-- when we were forbidden from using an electronic device to do research. It wasn't all that weird at the time, but it was enough so that I remember flipping through encyclopedias for many long hours trying to find the information. It makes the research more... intimate, I guess, but the time cost is HUGE, by comparison. But I guess the practice is good-- for all I know we might "forget" how to do physical, flip-through-a-book research, which would be a problem for studying classics, history, and literature.

Yep, for the most part my time management is non-existent. In part because I'm easily distracted and in part because I'm used to the instant-gratification aspect of modern living (I want it now, I can get it now) and therefore I overestimate my ability to work. A task often takes me twice the time I expect it to take and then I fall behind very easily. :ohnoes:

I wonder about that too. I always hope that I would be, but it's another weird thing about the internet where you have total anonymity, so it's almost easier to admit a secret because there's no face-to-face. I like to think I'd be friends with all of my internet friends in real life.:love: I feel the same about or as close to many of my internet friends in the same way as my everyday friends.

Well phrased. And then of course, you're stuck. Because you've committed all this time to it, failure is not an option, even though it's kind of inevitable. But then again, that's where hope and optimism come in, but I don't know how far into that I want to go because I could ramble about ethics for a very long time. :lol:
Kerixai Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2012
(this is a very late reply.. I just wanted to reply to second to last paragraph)
I agree with the secret admitting thing- you can tell people and hear what they think with absolutely no consequences, so if you feel like getting it out there's no reason not to! But then there's always the worry that someone from real life will find you- it reminds me of the Greek myth of the king who grew donkey ears, and only his haircutter knew. The haircutter couldn't bear having the secret bottled up inside him so he dug a whole and said it into the hole before filling it in again (but then in the story the grass growing from the ground there sung the secret while rustling in the wind and everyone found out xD) a very different thing about interaction like this is that you can have as long as you like to think up a reply to something, and say a lot of stuff at a time (in an ordinary conversation, who could or would say anything as long as one of these essays we write to eachother completely uninterrupted?) And the conversation also loses some spontaneity. Once I talked on dA chat with =Kuitsumi and *Kitsukitty to decide the details of some collaboration drawing and peoples' characters were revealed far more than in any normal comment, reply, comment system because you could see who would let others speak first and who interrupted who and so on- much more like an ordinary conversation where people can't all talk at the same time and every sentence waits for a response from another. It was really strange!
HippieLlama Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
No worries~ I'm trying to remember what the conversation was about! :blush:

I haven't heard that myth before! I have to look it up!
But yes, I'm always a little "worried" when someone from real life stumbles across one of my profiles or websites online. Friends are usually all right, but when it's other people sometimes it's kind of stressful!
And another good point! I can ramble a lot more easily online than in real life.:lol:
It's honestly really interesting chatting with people live, yes, just to see who interrupts and who says everything in one message versus in several tiny messages in quick succession...
It's like that on the phone too. I always feel like you can tell a lot about a person just from how easily or frequently they interrupt on the phone, or how long they pause, and so on.
I tend to type as I talk, with all of the pauses and emphasis and emoticons to express the facial expressions I'd actually make (or am making as I type XD), but not everyone does that either!
Kerixai Featured By Owner May 2, 2012
That's entirely my fault! ;;
I probably got most of the myth details wrong xD
Indeed, it gives you an idea of their actual talking style! (although.. maybe some people 'talk' completely differently on and offline.. it would be an interesting experiment, hm?) ah on the phone can also be just as tricky because again you can't read their body language to see if it looks like they want to say something. Haha you do? Actually, do I do that too?! I'll have to record myself typing xD I make expressions so badly when I'm drawing faces, but when typing my face will go with the overall mood of the message but won't change as if talking, unless I think of something really funny to say and I giggle to myself xD
HippieLlama Featured By Owner May 4, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ooh, that would be an interesting experiment. Seeing if people talk, type, and text the same way. Hmm. I'd be interested. I know I'm also a bit weird and I tend to judge people by their grammar a little bit-- I automatically think more highly of people who sound... literate, haha. :blush:
About the phone and body language-- oh definitely! The best you have is tone of voice, and that's hardly easy to decipher over the line.
You do that too? My face does such strange things when I'm drawing. XD It's funny, because it's like I'm using myself as a reference without ever actually looking at it. :dummy:
zetina Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
People are ego-driven. 'Nuff said xD
Kerixai Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2011
'tis true, tis true...
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